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A cocktail of crises will overcome the world if we do not act according to Jean Francois Rischards. If we could establish networks of experts to worldwide solution and norms, a yearly performance dashboard will urge governments into action. The question raised it the openness of the expert-network, if it’s not truely open, how do we prevent these expert-networks from becoming the same laggards as the politicians.


Hasbro is overwhelmed by the succes of its multiplayer online game of Monopoly. Launched in september as promotion in the run-up to Christmas Hasbro now has to decide what to do with the 1.5 million registered users.

signature snack


signature snack a nice word for small brand events that are designed to reveal the content in a intriguing and playful way.

The big 5 personality traits can also be applied on organisations to explain their soul and identify the truthfullness of the way they handle things.

Balancing act


Explanation of Forresters persona’s in the online ecosystem and how the are used to create meaningful interactive applications. Talk by Jim Richardson at Kom je ook3 (Mediamatic)

Penfield’s research on the brainfunctions and the way it remains plastic to adjust itself when outside events influence its competence might learn organizations how to cope with the demands of today’s relational society.

New media food


the interface fundamentally determines behaviour, change the interface by which people make decisions and the vary nature of decisions changes.