impressions of a curious mind


what’s in a name…

If you’re in the process of choosing one…the wonderful world of words shows itself in all its luster. Allthough most of them fail to rise to the expectation, or should i say the self imposed criteria, in the end it comes down to choosing one and then stick to it. I chose Agudeza because i like the sound, the origins and the meaning of this word and it fits the purpose of this blog in which i will write about the things that i see, hear or read and that trigger my thoughts about how by nature or nurture my perception of the world is created.


Agudeza is the term used in the Baroque (around 1600) that defines the clever composition of all sorts of tools to make an impression. For the first time sculpture had multiple ideal viewing angles (i.e. Bernini) and all competences (architecture, sculpture, and theatre) were brought together to compose a message. Away from the ratio and geometrics of the Renaissance and the strict rules of Mannierisme that were only understood by the well-informed. The Baroque aimed at the emotions that a work of art could arouse and used all lessons learned to influence the perception. Although most of the works from that period seem too rich and elaborate for our modern senses, it overshadows the impact of  Baroque in its time; the bounderless approach and full use of artistic competences was as much shocking as is its overwhelming today. (i.e the impression hat affects you when entering the Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome).


Agudeza (acuteness, insight and witticism). It’s not a word that is used often or translated in one synonym and also not an easy one to stick in your head, in spite of its simple form/pattern. It is apparently more complex for our (dutch/english) minds to remember it easily. In German translation agudeza becomes “Scharfsinnigkeit, Intensität or Sinnesschärfe” Especially that last word, Sinnesschärfe, is my preferred explanation. In a spanish translation i found the concept of “con agudeza” translated by “perceptively, subtly” which for me seemed  a (nice) twist to the basic noun.

In all agudeza sounds to me like a nice feminine (becuase of the double A) and intriguing label that can comprehend the scattered obeservations that i like to collect and share in this blog.

One Response to “impressions of a curious mind”

  1. 1 robin

    daniel rybakken is the new baroque:
    to replicate the positive sensation of sunlight;
    he creates light in windowless rooms.

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