New media food


Rory Sutherland uses a great metaphor for the variated media-ecosystem that we live in. In his TED-talk  he first explaines that all value is subjective and the importance of tangible value. After 9 minutes he symbolizes his view on the (changed) media-environment with his view on food. Believe me if you see the man speak you know he likes his food!

media food

mobile sandwhich

Traditional media

is like breastfeeding, there is a monopoly supplier and a depending audience;

User generated Content is like an agricultural society, everyone grows it’s own crops and markets is products by harvesting on the demand or simply is happy to serve it’s family and friends with it;

Mashups are like cooking, you mix ingredients of others with something of your own (or  follow the recepy others have already found appreciated);

2.0 media is about sharing and like a big bunch of french fries that you eat with friends;

Mobile media is like a sandwich, the take-away food that’s hopefully prepared in a way that you won’t smear your shirt while eating it.

Contextual media are like the local drinks that every country has. It is great if you are in that country but does not taste the same when you take it home with you. He describes the taste of Pernod, lovely on the sunny Meditarinian beach but back in London it’s not the same.

He urges the audience to pay more attention to the specifics of media when they want to increase their (intrinsic) messaging value. Media is (just) the interface through which the message is distributed. But if that interface is intentionally configuered it is better capable of nudging people to internalize your intangible value. In his words: “if you change the interface by which people make decisions, the vary nature of these decisions changes.”

I am curious to hear other media-food combinations…sms and BBQ? Anyone a thought on realtime-twitter or augmented media?

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