Big 5 and signal patterns


The big 5 – not the most admired game of Africa – but the frame for our basic traits and structure of our personality, are the source for a lot of “the science of decisionmaking” and “neuro-design” that is the talk of the town in the online industry. Most research indicates that the personal results on these five indicators is 50% nature and 50% nurture. It’s almost like the moon that, according to the astrology, dertermines your potentials. What you do with that and how you use or practice these traits is brought upon you by the environment you live in and in my opinion still up to yourself.  Online tests often make use of the big 5 – and Signalpatterns offers them in a wide variety to predict your music taste, parentingskills etc. and the even provide yo with a facebook plug-in to compare results with others or a mobile application that helps you become aware of your bias. The big 5 (OCEAN: openness, concientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism)

Openness: Indicates your appreciation for adventure, unusual ideas and a variety of experiences. If you are curious to what’s to explore in the world our scores on openness are most certainly high.

Conscientious (need for Achievement): Indicates a tendency for planned behavior, self-discipline. If you have a lot of traits in this area you probably  aim for achievement and are dutyful.

Extraversion: A tendency to seek stimulation in the company of others. Action-oriented, enthusiastic and on the look out for opportunities for excitement.

Agreeableness: A tendency to be compassionate and cooperative. Willing to comprimise their interests with others and in general concerned for social harmony.

Emotional stability (neuroticism): easily experience emotions, especially anxiety and vulnerability.

sinal patterns

personality graph

If you do the test at signalpatterns you end up with a nice graph on which you can click and explore what the traits mean and what or who they relate to. Very intuitive and smooth clickable visualization of the results.

signal patterns


 The reason for this post is apart from the nice way it is designed, that rereading the big5, it struck me that it could also be used for organisations. The business environment and size of an organisations might determine 50% of its structure but there is still another 50% of the way the organisation are managed is nurtured, and in the end it still comes down to how you handle (manage) it yourself. The soul of an organization is created by the people who work there. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the personality-graphs of the managing board or those of the mangers and people in the department where you work? It would be nice to see these graphs in the annual reports, the investment reports and intranets. For me it would at least mean that that company acknowledges the human factor in its organisation. It probably would not mean a lot, since the test is selfreportive and people can tweak the results. But still it would be nice to show a barking chef his big score on warmth, sympathy and understanding. And when the CEO decides his bonus should be bigger then everyone elses in times of crisis he is sure his graph wil be adjusted by the crowd from warm to ambitieus or worse. I hope to see the personalitygraphs in next editions of the annual social reports…and think in all cases it would be wise to know the soul of your organisation.

The personalitygraphs of the people who work for a firm signals their patterns of behavior. If the majority of a group is traditional and concientious their sustainable strategy will propbably be alike (close to greenwashing?). Do you agree?

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