monopoly – the superlocalized edition

world monopoly

world monopoly

Didn’t we all play Monopoly? The old game already had localized editions; but in the online edition there is no longer a preselected handful of streets. It’s possible to buy every street in the world (or should i say google maps?). At least if it is not yet taken or still up there for a bargain, because the overwhelming success even surprised Hasbro when it launched its game-campaign in september. With 1.5 million registered users and 15 billion pageviews a month that’s a lot of eyeballs, especially if you know that they spend zero dollars on media spend. Be sure to check out if your street is still for sale, this multiplayer online game gives you an opportunity to  plan the real estate in your own neighbourhood and negotiate a nice price for your street with your neighbors. And if  you register, you will  know what Hasbro decides to do with its platform in December (the original end of the campaign).  Apparently old game formats do well online. What’s your educated guess on games that translate well to an online format? to play your own local Stratego?

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