emotional play

Rose of Leary

Rose of Leary

If you put the rose-model of  Timothy Leary on bahavior together with the model of affect of J.A. Russell together you might get a handle of how to play or influence emotional states. Ofcourse it still requires a skill in combining the components that establish emotional states as is the case with the skills of establishing behavior.  Lowell stated that “all beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action”, but he might have been wrong if we are able to nudge bahavior by a emotional rich constructed context.

affect model russell

affect model russellRose of Leary

Russell charted the emotional state by our stress-state (relaxed or tense) and a psychological value (pleasant-unpleasant). Leary charted behavior by dominance (downwards-upwards) and direction (against-together). In Leary’s theory you can influence someone’s behavior more effective if you encounter a state with the opposite state. Does the same apply for Russell’s emotional states?

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