mona leonardo

mona leonardo

The excellence of Leonado da Vinci was achieved by hard work. He trained hard to master his artisan activities and acquired the passion, creativity, curiosity and courage to create his fabulous works of art. His entrepreneurial and innovative spirit can be explained by 7 skills that should be part of any personal or organizational development program that aims to nudge the mindset and culture to be more viable in a dynamic environment. The core skills are: sensazione, curiosita, dimostrazione, corporalita, scienza, arte and connessione. The combined excellence of these skills is called ‘sfumato’. In painting it refers to the application of subtle layers of translucent paint so that there is no visible transition between colors, tones and often objects. As a state of mind it means to welcome the ambiguity and uncertainty to provoke new unknown emotions and fresh excitement. In such a state you are able to think out-of-the-box and realize what you thought impossible.

Leonardo da Vinci - Lady with ermine

Leonardo da Vinci - Lady with ermine


A continuous refinement of the senses, especially the observational skill hat intensifies the experience. A dreamlike state that stimulates inspiration and enlarges sensitivity for signals around you.


A insatiable endeavor to learn will initiate the questioning the present(ed) situation and stimulates new perspectives to be discovered. Leonardo’s curiosity to learn made him study the human body in a was that was not done before. He even disregarded the norms and cut corpses to satisfy his knowledge of the human body and meticulously recorded his findings in his sketches.

da Vinci anatomy

da Vinci anatomy



The perseverance and stamina to repeat  and improve actions. Leonardo made thousands of sketches to catch human expressions. It enabled him to create images that resembled emotions and could invoke feelings that made everlasting impressions. It made his art timeless and an inspiration for others.

da Vinci - Madonna Litta

da Vinci - Madonna Litta


It took Leonardo half a life-time to paint the Mona Lisa. In his search for beauty and grace he took his time to achieve perfectionism.  He made it his quest to improve perfection and explored the  dexterity necessary to edify his masterpiece.

da Vinci

da Vinci

Scienza & Arte

The balance of logic and imagination and the willpower to dig under the surface to combine science and art. Leonardo accepted the reciprocal connection between understanding and intuition and used it to expand his reach of what was thought possible.

modern da Vinci

modern da Vinci


The atonement of everything. Recognition and respect for the entanglement and reciprocity of things. The acceptance of the possibility that the wink of a butterfly can cause a storm on the other side of the ocean. The effort to comprehend the influence of the context on structures and the attempt to master composition to achieve desired results.


If you have the stamina to acquire a lot of dexterity and the energy and vitality to constantly test and improve your assumptions it will foster the flamboyance necessary to compose a new approach to reality. Internalize these skills to enforces the passion, curiosity, bravery and creativity that enables innovative thinking and acting.


Should we make these skills part of our education and life long learning?  If organizations would benchmark the development of their culture and employees to these skills, could we create more Leonardo’s?

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