audacious goals for content


Innovation is invisible until it suddenly burst into view. So how to crystallize trends that will work for content? According to Clive Thompson you need to create  a challenge that keeps you feverishly pounding the keyboard: “because revolutionary new tools make life permanently different, and we have trouble imagining change”. Twitter was mocked until the State Department asked CEO Evan Williams to keep the servers running during the Iranian revolt. Google had an audacious goal: ‘to organize the world’s information’, Facebook aims ‘to track the social graph of the planet’. Foursquare and Brightkite may be the new players on that block.




Magazine publishers wondering about their future, will have to look beyond their website, blog and co-created content. The flashy ways of a magazine’s digital show like issuu will take a frogleap. A new applet  by Wonderfactory that enhances magazine reading – might not yet be aiming high enough. Though, when they get that game right, they might be on a track the filmindustry is already exploring. Filmfans have seen the sun set on the medieval Age of Professional Reviews and the boom of real-time in-theater twitter, 3d movies like Avatar create a new experience in the theater. The no-frills blog scriptshadow might be what’s next. Carson Reeves harvest scripts from a network of industry contacts, reviews the screenplays, critiquing structure, story and character development. Scriptshadow analyzes a screenplay for flaws and mutations months before it goes in production and years before the premiere.


If reading merges with viewing, if distribution atones with creation, if  editors become mobile and if we combine time with timeliness we might find the audacious goals needed for content. Could it be that our basic curious trait can be enabled even more to explore and experience the “what if” scenario for the world and not onl accept that everyone lives in his own reality but actually create more realities? Or will we get stuck in a world of smiling denial?

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