conditional design manifesto


Roel Wouters, Jonathan Puckey, Edo Paulus and Luna Maurer created a conditional design manifesto in which they capture there relation to the mediated & networked society – that through rapid and technolgy driven dynamics – defines one’s connectedness and engagement which eachother and with design. It is an attempt to define what connects them as designers. The manifesto contains staments and rules for the design proces. But the rules are not a goal in itself, their value is in the implementation, their use to generate original or refreshing output. They use rules as a method. you can either start with a lot – or with a few – rules and refine the number of rules you need by working with them. At a certain point you have reached the appropriate set of rules to generate the desired output.

from Play to Game

To play is to obbey rules. You need these rules to achieve an engaging dynamic. You start with input that’s deducted from real life. Because meaningful differences excist only in reality – with computer random everything is the same difference. From this meaningful difference you distract an assumption (idea) or a desired result. It’s important to realize that tools (in this case rules) define the outcome. By making your own tools you can influence the outcome. By playing with the system, tools and rules you start constructing the environment by which the result is dictated.  By finetuning these you explore their influence on the outcome and define their use. That’s the point where Play becomes a Game.

conditional mindset

Organizations struggle with their relation to the mediated and networked society and the way the should define the connectedness. It would be nice if large corporations could define a socialmedia manifesto by which they set a stage for this conditional mindset to be part of their culture. By exploring reallife input and work with result-adjusted rules and tools – a system is created that is able to connect and adjust to the dynamics and make use of the experiental knowledge of their employees. Governing by manifesto is a new way of working which might scare bureaucratic style raised managers, but might be just the solution for innovation that corporations need.

This should not only be a communication-manifesto that addresses an integrated media-mix. It should atone  the way the people and the organization want to collaborate to create ” raison d’etre ” for their activities.

links: intel, ibm, slideshare social media (in dutch)

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