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In the history of economic success, no two countries have ever followed identical paths. But there is a universal pattern nonetheless: Nations rise out of poverty when elements of a thriving business sector replace the previous economic system. The lessons of history suggest that if we want to reduce poverty in emerging markets, regulation reform […]

the story an environment tells can be a labyrinthic walk that helps you find meaning and underline the goals of your organization.

tender urbanity


trend 2010 tender urbanity, you choose your roots in a city not because you knwo a lot (factual) inofrmation about it (that’s someting anbofy can nowadays with locative media) but it’s the city ou engage with and create happy fun events to make it a little better place for it’s inhabitants.

buba-kiki test


Shake things up to ensure compassionate debate in your company creates an innovative and creative culture. Principles and rules to nudge this environment, it’s important to give thought how to manage functional fights, provide a structure to make people feel safe to experiment and make use of their perosnal connections and nudge the conversations to engage collective efforts.