roses have thorns & among the thorns there are roses

framework integrated sustainable strategy

framework integrated sustainable strategy

CSR or corporate responsibility and sustainability is the balancing act of organizations to keep people, progress and planet happy. Since organizations are just a bunch of people agreeing on shared goals, it’s actually the people who do the balancing. Although in theory a multi dimensional¬†view of corporate responsibility is preached it’s hard to find it in practice. But even worse is the mis-use of the sustainable-word for activities that then compose the CSR-strategy so everybody can go back to doing business as usual. If you do this too obvious it’s called ‘greenwashing‘. Already referring to the old advertising wisdom that the human-animal bond is strong enough to increase heuristic processing and influence our attitude¬†toward an ad – translated to the balancing act: “it’s more attractive to favor planet than more complex and abstract issues like poverty and economics”. So we have a name to detect fraud. Joseph Pine learned us that in the world of authenticity there are two other types of fake: real-fake and fake-real: which might be even worse for preserving the ethics in sustainable strategies. I like to call it corrosive sustainability. With the fake-fake ‘greenwashing’ it’s an intentional donation to buy off your guild. With corrosive sustainability activities: You think you do well but the effect is au-contrare, like a plastic hand-battery for your mobile phone. Either/or you know it’s not true, but you try to lead others to believe it’s for a better world, maybe the UN climate report.

Joseph Pine real-fake authenticity

Joseph Pine real-fake authenticity

The difficulty with this type of real-fake sustainability is to know if it’s bad. It can help to get CSR on the agenda..and at least something is done. On the other hand in the long run it can corrode the real-real sustainable efforts that could really make the world a better place.

handmade green energy for mobile phone

handmade green energy for mobile phone

Which brings us back to the old drawing board benchmarking short and longterm investments.Until that time it might be wise for “true-believers” to ground there arguments for the long-term and stop bashing the mid-term efforts.

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