ecole du regard

fragmented reality

scattered reality

point of view


A new wave of interest in visual intelligence and a growing recognition of illustrative art made me realize that the digital age gives more freedom to the interface: reading (absorbing information) and the fysical environment. We are more than ever able to zoom through layers of observation and expose details that give new perspectves to create meaning. Observational art is blended with exploring and discovering, veiling the route to knowledge almost like a treasure hunt. A “new” way of storytelling through impressions, using images or objects to create a tension that inspires to pay more attention. Also: with the ultimate options of digital footage, a renewed interest arises in craftmanship: real drawings and handicraft show the endurance (and passion) necessary to become a skilled master. The luxury of a hobby (knitting, sewing, paper-cutting, pottery, woodcarving, drawing), of spending countless afternoons in a non-competitive way on something that has no further use than to amuse yourself. Since we have data in abundance and the scarcity of time pressuring our harmony – small becomes beautiful. Art does not have to dominate a space, but is only there for those who appreciate to look for it. Wim Crouwel, Bill Moggridge and Joost Grootens are a few names that for me connect to this modest way of thinking about art. (and filmmaker: Jacques Tati)

joost grootens & bill moggridge

doorknob in braille

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