peak performance


Jason Hiner, editor at techrepublic gives great advice about leadership. The tip i like best: “avoid throwing people under the bus“. This sounds hilarious but he’s actually more than right. This month the director communication of the dutch ministry for agriculture was send home because he had to pay for the idea to make a magazine so other people than farmers would read about the complex choices this ministry is facing.

gerda magazine dutch minister of agriculture

magaizine from the ministry of agricultere and nature

interview dutch minister LNV

interview dutch minister LNV

The magazine named Gerda was send to all dutch citizens for free. Politicians interferred because they questioned the way the magazine portrait the minister on the cover.  Only 7 of the 52pages were dedicated to an interview with the minister about her job, the other content was about farming issues and people, all very consistent to the way lifestyle magazines are edited. The painpoint according to the complainers isthe 400.000 euro’s spend on this communication-campaign. Actually it cannot have been the budget, because dutch ministries do spend these kind of amounts regularly on public campains. So the real envy was about the amount of attention given to the minister as a person. No research was made public, but with the (extra) amount of attention in the press, i guess the campaign has been pretty effective. Still the minsiter has thrown her director communications under the bus. Very unfortunate, it will set back innovative campaigning at least 5 years in time! And with Government in trouble as it is is having the image of the ivory tower (not grounded in the society that they are representing) this is not only a tragedy for the director communications but a far bigger tragedy for public government and its politicians.

lone knots and followers

derek sivers lone knots and followers

Derek Sivers made a nice video to show the importance of the first follower: the leader is not afraid to show his idea, but he is a lone knot. The first follower actually helps him start a movement and spread his message.  So don’t throw your followers under the bus but reward them with honesty and keep them save from busdrivers who think they can run you over. If you do that people (not politicians  becuase they still do not get it) will favor you and it will actually make you more trustful and therefor a better leader. (with excuses to Obama, who’s also a politician, only he is one of the few who do get it)

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