creative contexts and collective property



Once upon a time the artist created an object and showed it to an audience. In this age of information and media abundance, people are no longer satisfied with a personal reflection or filtered expert opinions, they want to have acces to their crowd of relevance and respond and share the experience immediately, feel part of the creation proces and/or influence the collective interpretation.

It helps to get a message across if amateur-ambassadors, prosumers like your ingredient message so much that they integrate it with their own interests and spread their own story to the platforms they are involved in. It worked for Harry Potter all kinds of associated blogs arose: Harry and manga, harry and civic engagement.The issue is how to control, and/or should you control this annexation of ideas. JK Rowling wanted to prevent it and started the Harry Potter Lexicon case.

Collaborative or participatory design will bring a whole range of old and new issues to the table of ownership and responsibilities. A few examples:



Makaraba’s – the helmets of miners which are  carved and painted by soccer fans.  They can be bought from a family-business in Everton township. The World Soccer Champignonship in South Africa is due to start and Heineken and a gadget-company are arguing about the rights on makaraba’s for promotional purposes.

area|code a games company that develops games that spill out over the edges of our screens and devices to blend with the real world. They are using socially aware networks, smart objects, location sensing and mobile computing to open up new ways for people to play.

They make games out of people, connections, ideas, situations, and events. They say “their games have computers inside of them, not the other way around”. And according to their manifesto the goals is to create a conscious confusion between the real and the imaginary, between ideas and objects, between information and space. Examples: a kind of packman when you are navigating in a city with your mobile, the moster is also in the streets (on your mobile) chasing you. The only way to escape getting caught is to actually physically run away from it. Also nice their shark game. Or what about their Facebook game: parkingwar (talking about facebook, hyves is running a  donor-request campaign: you either agree or resent to be an organ-donor, which then show up in your profile). Question is what your insurance company decides if you explain to them that you had to run over that old lady because otherwise the monster would grab you. Will this be a true case of circumstances beyond control?

Create digital media develop and share the necessary tools and software to make the art happen at the moment. By using the interaction of a crowd (its movements, sounds, substance) and translating that to images, the audience actually creates the images themselves. Is for this case  the creative commons license enough, since the software is collaboratively developed but will that cover the actual images that are created by the crowds.

The tin men and telephone band uses the noise of their audiences (mobiles ringing, drinking beer etc) as part of their sound..has the audience thus become  performing artists?

Digital natives would not really be interested in ownership, the more you give the more you receive is their mantra; with that you’d also have to believe in the good nature of people..and i guess i am a cynic.

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  1. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this site before but after looking at some of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m definitely happy I discovered it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

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