coconut creation


Guggenheim‘s co-creation idea: create an object of art for the rotunda with its spiraling stairs. The architect Frank Lloyd Wright kept this space¬†empty to create a “temple for the mind” for visually impressed visitors. You can see the online competition on Flickr. The social-campaign-contest seems to be the new gig in marketing and like “old school” prize competition, never underestimate the follow-up on the junk that you get send. Because it’s digital, it does not mean that it will take care of itself, allthough registration and distribution of information is much easier.. still you have to have a concept and plan how to honor the equality in the relation you initiated. By this type of campaigning you share (=hand over) the directorship partly, but there should be a plan why you initiate this digital outburst of talent, a plan to keep partition fair and quality assured and of course a sound idea of the added value for you and the creators – just PR-eyeballs is not creates a lot of noise in your campaign, and noise means image-risks or campaign flop.

coconut campaign

coconut – is it nuts to co-create, absolutely not! – but a sound social-interaction takes experienced knowledge & skill in seeding. The campaign should be like a coconut – healthy juice and delicious flesh that can be used in many ways and is kept fresh by its shell that itself can be of use in more than one way. However: how many people actually eat the cocos when they buy the drink at the beach in Brazil? Most co-creation campaign produce an overwhelming output – and without planning a lot of left overs become loose ends.

Also: co-creation initiative from Design&Governance to design a new European flag. The blue flag with the 12 stars (designed in 1955 by Arsene Heitz) has become outdated with Europe expanding. The result 1400 proposals.

contemplating the void

contemplating the void

contemplating the void


flickr online competition

online competition

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