oxymoron of commercial art

Apple on apple

Apple on apple

art at sail

boom lift ship

boom lift ship

andree pielage

A new niche appears in urban (or contextual) marketing by the name: biomimic marketing.  If you look upon it as a reflection of the human impact on nature, it might be art. Boundaries between commerce and art always have been vaporous (would MichaelAngelo really have created all those religious art if it had not been commissioned by the popes?)  At the AmsterdamSAIL 2010 Andree Pielage created a sculpture (Boom Lift Ship) that clearly promoted the business owner (RIWAL) at the most central spot of the SAIL-event. Nature is used to create art (Land Art) , so why not commercialize nature? This Japanese Apple fan brought his idea into practice. He found a way to naturally grow and harvest Fuji apples with logo’s on them with a simple suntanning technique. A month before harvest stockers were glued on the apples and an apple worthy of the attention of Steve Jobs as the outcome.

fuji apples

fuji apples branded

branded apple tree

branded apple tree

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