proverbs are the palm-oil with which words are eaten


The title is a quote from Chinua Achebe’s novelle: Things fall Apart. It’s about an african leader Okwondo who’s chosen by his people for his courage and strength. Important values for his tribe. But then the world changes, and those values that used to be his strength are now his weakness.

china solar valley, dezhou

himin headquarter, dezhou

Buildings can be iconic. Like the headquarters of Himin Solar Energy in Dezhou, this building in the land of the rising sun, symbolizes the ambition of China’s Solar Valley.

Formats that are easily shared and remembered will refine and improve themselves. Though in short they will be based on  traditional (news)selectors (W.Schulz,1976): Nearness (relevance of political, cultural and physical/geographical meaning) Status (politic/economic context) Dynamics (controverse, unexpectedness) Valenz (reputational fame or shame) Identification (personification) and Time/frequency (continuum).

That’s why the Hemin building in china’s solar valley will stick in a collective overview where as something like polder-football will not, unless it unleashes new rules for play or the the artistic value of Maider Lopez rises. If you want to get your imprint on the walk of fame, it’s worthwhile to frame the contextual value of your event.



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