understand the sound and the flavour


When there is no left or right, no up or down, no before or after things get complicated to navigate. One way to make sense in such a context is to create a story, which helps to position the elements that constitute the whole. The chosen format of the story creates perspective. The viewpoint of the storyteller, indicates the relational aspect of you undergoing the events or you as the observer of the events in the story. This video from icetray does the show and tell on the chaotic landscape of drawings which helps you understand the story behind the lines.

drawing - icetag

the story of drawing


The first dimension refers to a line, the second to a shape, the third adds depth. These dimensions are usually quickly to grasp. The 4th dimension (time, movement) is important to understand (learn) how one situation relates to the other, At the 5th dimension reality kicks in when rotation or perpective is added. This creates a slice of reality, which differs from other slices of that same reality because another viewpoint is taken. From there on the next dimensions are generated by zooming out: so on the 6th and there after it’s more like a platform of the various realitions generated on the former dimension-level. This thinking in multiple dimensions is partly what the string-theory is about. Could there be a connection to the evolving marketing landscape?

1D line push marketing
2D shape message
3D depth persona (segment) target audience
4D movement/time customer journey event driven
5D rotation/perspective client driven

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