new pathway’s for pictures



Undog / Ferry van Zijderveld



Supreme Territory

Supreme Territory

The shrouding element of scaffoldings when buildings are renovated is used by commerce and art to mask the building activity. Instead of creating a huge billboard, the 60 layers of cake foundation started the outdoor-photo-gallery project: facade.

This building in Amsterdam is concealed by a mountain referring to romantic landscapes and creating space. It is re-used by another artist: red dotted lines for scissors are added as to say: destroy to create. In total the facade project counts at least 8 scaffolding pictures..due to building logistics it differs over time. The project is a joined project. The follow-up is called: re:frame. With reframe designers are asked to recycle scaffolding sheets into something that can go into production. The outcome can be seen at the dutch design week in Eindhoven (NL) last week of october. It rounds the circle of cradle to cradle design and extrapolates the work of the Freitag-brothers who use old truck tarpaulin and old seat-belts to design bags.

reframe scaffolding sheets

reframe scaffolding sheets


outdoor picture gallery


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