“Malfatto” is Italian for “poorly made”—a tongue-in-cheek designation of an approach to design that privileges controlled experimentation, the hand of the maker, and materials research that is not directly related to industrial thinking. Advocated perhaps most passionately by the Italian architect and industrial designer Gaetano Pesce – who introduced the concept forty years ago, when slick, machine-perfected Italian design ruled. Design for the imperfect, also the adagio of Paul Hughes, creates room for play and individual expression. A nice easter-egg example is this sunday-morning lounge pillow for your eggs. It’s a happy thought to know that your eggs can relax, and it leaves room for a personal touch to dispose of the shells. Since the method of imperfect design is more applicable to an open design process it might even work better for the easter-dialogue. So while your eggs stretch themselves on their pillows your brain might wrap it  selve around Peter Sloterdijk‘s idea of a banner being the visualisation of wind. He warns us for the toxic atmosphere in the experience-seasoned cloches that make people inhale their own word clouds as public opinions. In totalitarian communication-systems the freshness of air should be monitored. The media banner about the people rowing towards Lampedusa can be “migranti, clandestini, asylum seeker, refugee, tunisians or arabs. What words wave on your banner?

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