do it again


Exaggeration adds drama and drama garners attention. The entertainment industry is well familiar with this trick to heap up tension and emotions. Also the drama-queens of popular culture in reality TV & You Tube know how to have Andy Warhol’s fifteen-minutes of fame by enlarging their life-events. Lately a lot of this ‘bigger-than-life effect’ is also used by artist such as Florentijn Hofman or Marcel Wanders. Maybe it is a sign of high and low culture crossing borders? If it is just a desperate act of framing to transcend from the crowd it is a cheap trick of a drame-queen. Florentijn adds contextual flavour by using craftsmanship from the area to create his massive sculptures. Well used drama is just a means to en end which is not cheap or boring if it is bigger than yourself and adds a layer that states something meaningful.

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