emerging and/or radiating


Heureka Jean Tinguelythe hague chinaThe summer is the season for open(air) art exhibitions. At eye-catching locations sculptures arise to enlighten passers-by. One of the arguments to organise these temporary exhibitions is that the city or neighborhood can show-off their dedication to the arts or the artists. And usually it truly lifts the spirit of the square or street and you kind of miss the sculptures when they are gone. People gather around the sculptures to discuss their likes or dislikes of the exhibited objects. If a theme is used this might add to the depth of the debate, like The Hague Sculpture with monumental sculptures and installations by Chinese world-class sculptors that shows that Chinese contemporary art has taken the international art market by storm. Although this is art in an urban context, it differentiates from urban art. Urban art emerges from the environment and reflects or comments on their surrounding. It therefore has more connection to its environment and has potential to start another conversation. the hague chinaMaybe you can compare it with push and pull marketing, or corporate websites and interactive platforms. And if so, we might learn a lesson for activation (or should i say how to lever traffic). If the actual statement you want to make is rooted in the natural environment you can engage people to see things your way and maybe make them curious for more.

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