piano stairs odenplannam june paikFun and functional blend very well together. The piano-stair: 66% more people chose the stairs over the escalator. More inspiration on dinablog or the website of the fun theory that is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour. miktor and molf poolprojectL van Munster FoxOur brains are designed to detect problems, which makes us prone to be problemthinkers. By adding an emotional cue you can add a new perspective to tasks or activities and get messages across in an energizing way. It can also be applied to attitudinal innovations. nam june paikLike Nam June Paik did with his music performance Zen for the head or his TV-buddah.

treehouse leonard van munsterLeonard van Munster creates concepts that create an alternate his “under heaven” objects. At unexpected locations he creates objects that create an escapism for peoples thoughts. Little harbours that help you dream about how it could be.. a kind of self-made augmented reality.

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