information as consumerproduct


VG NorwayfoursquareDigital distribution of information and the iphone and ipad create a new breed of readers. Information can take shape in more formats than ever before: text, video, sound, graphics etc. Reading is more and more a visual act. Reading used to give you a view on things, where watching was perceived as processing of an existing image. Since we realised that a word is not only text but also an image and reading has become browsing, we are much better equipped to incorporate and combine visual stimuli. Data has become abundant thus the opportunity to sell the presentation of information as a product or application is created. That the added value of information products is also created by the way it is designed is not new, visual (or graphic) design has (always) been a profession. street art appcrowdsourcingNew is the retainment from a rigid shape. The information is offered to us in an optional way, you can play and combine the elements to create your own picture. Whether it is the mix and match of real-time streams, or the selection of layers you open. A whole new breed of visual information is being created and with it our competence to understand how it is used or is influencing us.

links: Norwegian newspaper, Foursquare statistics, information design, i read where i am (book by graphic design museum & institute for network cultures), infographicsvisual complexity, nextdesign leadership institute (not a website but a combination of linkedin conversation, issuu archive and twitterstream)

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