impressive architecture


Frederic Chaubin has recorded bizarre constructions that do not fit in standard construction categories. These humongous artefacts of sovjet architecture were build between 1970-1990. He was swayed by their austere and absorbing appeal. Their futuristic design and intriguing names (like: Ministry of Expressways, or Igor Vasilevsky‘s sanatorium at Jalta beach) made him think of spaceships waiting to be launched into orbit.Most of these buildings are in decay, which adds to their magic. The book CCCP-cosmic communist constructions suggests that these buildings are a remainder of the dismantled power of Moscow. But it might just as well be a result from the material used or the mystery of what happened inside those buildings. Radio Kootwijk in the Netherlands is a likewise building where radio-technicians used to study the stars and created the first image of the Milkyway. What can we learn from these buildings that make such a overwhelming impression? What is the magical element that rouses its astonishing impact? It can hardly be their beauty, although esthetics are personal opinions, i guess it has something to do with our curiosity the playful element of discovery and the thrill of knowing there is a story to be found. Imagination is a powerful ingredient of engagement – it is one of the organizing principles of (fan)groups. And maybe a hint for designers to also design for the imperfect.

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