hortus concluses


serpentine londongarden planThe Serpentine Gallery (London) is famous for its temporary pavilions. This year’s architect Peter Zumthor from Haldenstein in Switzerland has created a walled garden together with landscape architect Piet Oudhof. The Pritzker jury praised Mr. Zumthor’s use of materials. “In Zumthor’s skillful hands, like those of the consummate craftsman, materials from cedar shingles to sandblasted glass are used in a way that celebrates their own unique qualities, all in the service of an architecture of permanence. Mr. Zumthor believes architecture is not about paper, it’s not about forms. It’s about space and material.”

lego church enschedeTemporary monuments like the lego church by filip jonker and the state of being permanent: Some objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen, heard, or touched. And according to developmental-psychology experiencing an object triggers lasting impressions an are an essential step in the memorization process.
lego church in a boxArt as a social practice, art as an agency in a matrix of agencies that create change. Art needs to be understood within a set of social practices from which it has too often become disconnected. Sometimes we mystify art so much, we no longer understand it in this way. In other words art is also necessary, because it can help and be part of other socio-political and economic changes.

british art councilArt is a means of achieving knowledge we don’t already have, of ourselves, of each other, how we interact, how separate worlds come together. “Through the productive moment together, we know more about the states of our lives and the world.” Paul Heritage , an alchemist of the impossible, is practicing this belief by running Safer Sex workshops using drama in (Brazilian) prisons.

Collaborative consumption.

apple bans game-appSharing is the new way to posses , access is more important than ownership. The Italian developer Molleindustria tried to impact the world by four mini-games about the “troubling supply chain” behind smartphones f.i. coltan extraction in Congo. One of the mini-games sees workers leaping from their factory building: a clear reference to suicides and attempted suicides by workers at Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn. His satirical game Phone Story was banned from Apple’s app-store. Appearantly Apple feared the social impact of this game.

Social impact is the outcome of three drivers (SIT) in a social structure: strength/intensity: the importance of the source, in social network terms the status gained by followers that amplify your message; immediacy: the delay or distortion in the interaction, the number of links in the distribution of the message, or the amount of followers who see the original message and total number, the reach or amount of people that   learn about the message (and agree with ‘like’ it). The three criteria for are dreived from the Dynamic Social Impact Theory (DSIT) by Bibb Latené (1996) a theory about the bottum-up creation of culture by communication.

personal spacehortus conclusesTwo cultures stand out when it comes to gardening: UK and Japan. If we perceive a garden as something that can create a lasting impression and combine that with the social impact on its culture paradox appears when its lined up with the need for personal space. a.nikopol hortus conclusesIn general the westerners like to keep their distance especially from strangers, in the east people are in general less bothered by the physical closeness of others. Could it be that because they have a closed-garden to meditate or reflect about their own place in the world that they are less troubled with close-encounters in he outside world? And if extrapolated: could closed communities help us to interact more and create a more open attitude to other opinions?

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