antifragile salted memories


ImageImageAntifragile coined by N.M.Taleb (also author of black swans) describes things that benefit from shocks, grow when exposed to randomness and that are beyond resilience or robustness. Allowing us to do things without understanding them. It’s a mechanism by which the system regenerates itself continuously by using (rather than suffering from) random events. If you cannot predict the random events, you can detect fragility – or state with confidence that a structure is more fragile than another should a certain event happen. Concepts like ‘solidity’ and ‘resilience’ stifle growth and evolution where ‘antifragility’ stimulates growth and evolution. The beauty of this slight differentiation of meaning struck me when i realized the power of Motoi Yamamoto’s work. By making his creations a performance and therefore non destructable although a blow of wind can easily change the art but not the concept.

MotoiYamamato05 MotoiYamamato_flowerMotoi Yamamoto meticulously creates labyrinths. You can take home the building-crystals if you promise to return them to the sea. His craftsmanship not only cradles the ingredient of his masterpieces, but also his memories of his sister. Salt, to him, has become symbolic of life and it’s perpetual circle.

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Nirit Levav has discovered that rusty old bicycle parts can be molded into sweet emotional forms.

inverse heroes

While in the past people of rank and status were those and only those who took risks, who had the downside for their actions, and heroes were those who did so for the sake of others, today the exact reverse is taking place: the rise of a new class of inverse heroes; people with too much power and no real downside and/or accountability. They (members of the IAND = Internat. Association of Name Drppers) game the system while others pay the price. (from antifragile by NM Taleb)

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