wooden inspiration


Wandering through the forest you wonder about why those tall friends – who have been there for ages – need to be brutally sliced from their feet. It is reassuring to think that they will be re-used as furniture or art. Actually most wood ends up in flames. A very green area in Germany (the romantic valley Lauthentahl: Harz) is known for its monolithic culture (all trees the same age), mining activities and world wars scraped the slopes which made reforestation necessary to prevent landslides. wood_lumberjackA forest and the trees within it tell stories about the future and sometimes when the trees are all dotted by lumberjacks they tell a little bit about their future. I always regret not taking spray-paint with me to add a few colors to the dots to mystify the woodworkers and save a few of my friends. Though i might worsen their fate since i am not familiar with the deeper meaning of the color-scheme. wood_vincentkohlerVincent Kohler creates perfectly sliced-up logs. These wooden sculptures are sleek and modern, but they’re also informative. The geometric forms include almost all elements with which you can build a treehouse. In the witch-forest of Pendle (UK) you can find Philippe Handford‘s sculptured tree, embodying the history of a place with an impactful visual, and making that visual part of the narrative. He reconnects cut trees to their stumps. fungiscape backbonePhilippe calls himself a environmental artist and makes big and small objects from his observations of nature. It gives you a different perspective on nature, nurture and our impact on it. Lee Jae Hyo takes a Lee-Jae-Hyo-innersouldifferent route to reveal the power of trees and their adaptable power. He reshapes and uncovers the inner beauty of branches and trunks. His round shapes play with your bias that a bundle of wood is a stack. He calls himself an alchemist. He makes variations that urge you to reach out and touch the solid energy of the wood that is captured in a simple shape. But it does not always need this mastery or work to accentuate the beauty of nature that we too often take for granted. pierre-piedIain Blake shows us with his cute fieds that all it takes is a good eye and some imagination to create a moment of reflection for others. You never know it might save the forest from extinction because it drew the attention from the next passer-by and made him care just a little bit more. So next time you take a walk in the forest pick up a branch or a pebble and create and inspire others to take a second look at nature. Then you can say like H.D. Thoreau: “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees. “


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