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like a fountain


            Every city has a fountain and they often serve as city-icons, like the Trevi in Rome. They even become favorite tourist attractions when used in films. Some fountains raise a questionable reputation, like the van Lieshout cascade of Oil-drums in Rotterdam.¬†Fountains are used by Joris Funcke in his (dutch […]

The ancient myth of Hercules has been adopted by art, politicians and¬†bourgeois. Mostly he is claimed for his heroic posture – the Robin Hood of the Greek. His truculent, crude and coarse behavior is overshadowed by the romantic hero he is made into. But his life’s story is one of deceit and destruction, even his […]

5D: line, shape, depth, time, rotation help us understand the universe. Could string-theory and marketing have something in common?

how a message is distributed is also defined by the structure of its form; it’s best to know about the format that is easy to share if your strategy is that ambassadors will promote your story.

co-creation is like a coconut, all elements are useful and will be fruitful if you know what you are doing.

narrative space


A lot of research (science) and experiments (art) is done about networks and interaction to understand how we can make better use of new digital tools and how ecosystem thinking impacts our society and organizations.

Lombardi created pencil drawing similar to sociograms. He called them narrative structures. They tell the stories of criminal conspiracies. he simply used news stories from reputable media organizations and connected the dots. His suicide in 2000 remains a mysterie, his friends believe he has drawn a chart too many. It shows that visualizing information can be a dangerous.