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An open space enables an architecture of attention. Individual objects all have their own identity but they come together to produce a new powerful whole. Organizations should experiment with the synthesis of the experiences of a single, seamlessly unified entity to identify triggers that guard the human choices for automnomy, privacy and identity.


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Decreased economical activity in europe entails industrial heritage. The new functions as park or event location could well signal the new future of europe as a touristic, cultural relax destination for the workaholics of the east. Maybe Ruhrgebiet 2010 (essen, cultural capital) is a best practice or detroit and liverpool to anticipate for this future.

digital 3Dtools shape the output of architects and designers, technically 5D is possible. Adding time and space to the instruments we use to convey concepts to others might influence the way we design our society. It can stimulate durable and holistic structures for organizing our organizations and teamwork.Nice pictures of UK seed pavilion at the expo, the rolex builsing and daylight art by daniel rybakken.

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ambitious projects create stories that can last