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Digital distribution of information and the iphone and ipad create a new breed of readers. Information can take shape in more formats than ever before: text, video, sound, graphics etc. Reading is more and more a visual act. Reading used to give you a view on things, where watching was perceived as processing of an existing image. […]

the use of pivot a tool that helps you zoom in and out on data and enables you to reorganize the links within the content. It provides insights you would not gain by summing up the parts, it helps you find aggregated views and gives you an option to play with the content to extract wisdom from it. According to Gary Flake it introduces a whole new way of browsing. You still need to see and find the patterns yourself and it hughly relies on metadata. Ever used iphoto to find people and places? Than you know what a painstaking job it still is to tag content in a meaningful way.