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curves of flow


flow: complexity & skill. You grow into flow by mastering challenges, or in the words of the big guru on flow: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi a single-minded immersion in performing and learning. You need a combination of progressive complexity and skill to reach the ‘flow-state-of-mind’.  In fact flow is already there when the challenges we encounter match our ability. […]

Basic functional forms combined with sheer handicraft seem to be the top runner, not only for architects, but also fashion, retail and other designed items. Back to basics is something the modernist painters also had in mind when they tried to capture the bare essence of art (a madonna with child could be stripped to […]

like a fountain


            Every city has a fountain and they often serve as city-icons, like the Trevi in Rome. They even become favorite tourist attractions when used in films. Some fountains raise a questionable reputation, like the van Lieshout cascade of Oil-drums in Rotterdam. Fountains are used by Joris Funcke in his (dutch […]

buba-kiki test


Shake things up to ensure compassionate debate in your company creates an innovative and creative culture. Principles and rules to nudge this environment, it’s important to give thought how to manage functional fights, provide a structure to make people feel safe to experiment and make use of their perosnal connections and nudge the conversations to engage collective efforts.



create an innovative culture by nudging the 7 skills of Leonardo’d genius in your employees.