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curves of flow


flow: complexity & skill. You grow into flow by mastering challenges, or in the words of the big guru on flow: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi a single-minded immersion in performing and learning. You need a combination of progressive complexity and skill to reach the ‘flow-state-of-mind’.  In fact flow is already there when the challenges we encounter match our ability. […]

Digital distribution of information and the iphone and ipad create a new breed of readers. Information can take shape in more formats than ever before: text, video, sound, graphics etc. Reading is more and more a visual act. Reading used to give you a view on things, where watching was perceived as processing of an existing image. […]

Just because i love the interface and this presentation tells why. (it’s sfumato)

narrative space


A lot of research (science) and experiments (art) is done about networks and interaction to understand how we can make better use of new digital tools and how ecosystem thinking impacts our society and organizations.

Lombardi created pencil drawing similar to sociograms. He called them narrative structures. They tell the stories of criminal conspiracies. he simply used news stories from reputable media organizations and connected the dots. His suicide in 2000 remains a mysterie, his friends believe he has drawn a chart too many. It shows that visualizing information can be a dangerous.

bokeh, moretti, visual mapping of literature should be used in the new MITlab bokodes.

Penfield’s research on the brainfunctions and the way it remains plastic to adjust itself when outside events influence its competence might learn organizations how to cope with the demands of today’s relational society.